1. How to register / How do I get access to Techmart ?
2. Can I cancel an order I have made ?
3. Can I change my shipping address after I have place an order / made payment ?
4. Why is my order cancelled ?
5. What are the available payment methods ?
6. Why is my order still pending verification even after I have made payment / uploaded by payment slip ?
7. How soon do I have to make a payment after I place an order ?
8. What is the shipping charges ?
9. How long does the shipment takes after I have made my payment ?
10. When shall I expect to receive my order ?
11. How can I track my delivery ?
12. Can I return goods purchased or get a refund ?
13. What can I do if there are discrepancy and damages to the goods ?
(formerly known as Gadget Box)
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TechMart Android App v3.0 available (29/02/2024).

Click HERE to download.
For new dealers who do not have access to Techmart, please WhatsApp +60 10-799 4949 for assistance.

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